Top 5 Sushi Restaurants Downtown Toronto

The past four years, since I moved to Toronto, sushi has been a weekly staple in my diet. I have tried many places throughout the GTA and not often have I been disappointed. Of course there has been the rare and inevitable occurrence that I was left feeling less than satisfied; fish too fishy, rice not sticky, wasabi too bland… Thankfully I have more success stories to share than horror.

27The following five selections are my go-to sushi restaurants that have served me tirelessly and have yet to fail me. I think we all knew this was going to be my number one choice and those of you who have attended this delicious little gem on King West I’m sure will agree.

From the moment I first stepped my black suede pumps into Blow Fish I knew we were going to have a passionate and lasting relationship. Pink glowing lights and a DJ spinning good music at a perfect volume are just two of the first aspects that caught my hard-to-capture attention.

The attentive service and the exquisite cuisine is what keeps me coming back again and again. I have obviously tried a selection of other items on the Blow Fish menu but these are two items I refuse to go without. I mean come on, give me some raw meat with a quail egg and something crispy to dip into it and I am a satisfied woman!

One order of this per table is never enough.

Please friends, I strongly urge you to test out these items for yourself. They are fresh and simply scrumptious! Blow Fish’s salmon sashimi is tender and melt in your mouth. In other words; heavenly. One order of this per table is never enough. I would recommend one per person as I am convinced you won’t be willing to share.

Bay Street | 416 308 5888 | Service: 10/10 Cuisine: 9/10 Cost: High – and rightfully so! Located in the heart of Toronto’s financial district, ki is typically host to Bay street’s finest. Thats right ladies, looking to hook yourself an investment banker? Tidy yourself up a little and head on down! It is a large venue but remains very cozy and intimate.

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  • Sushi Xtra – 423 Queen St. West, Unit 101| 416 599 2688| Service: 10/10 Cuisine 10/10 Cost:
  • Queen Street East
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  • 455 King Street W, 416-979-9696
  • Queen Street West, Toronto, ON M6J 1J3
  • Copa (21 Scollard Street)

It was delicious, but then again, not much at ki isn’t. These are three must haves when attending ki. I am telling you, you have never tasted a spicy salmon roll like the ones ki serves sitting in a tangy raspberry sauce that contains just the perfect amount of spice and heat.

Moderate One of our fabulous city’s little gems, Sushi Extra is home to some of the most decadent and delicious sushi rolls I’ve tried to date. Anytime I visit this spot I don’t even bother looking at a menu and take a seat right at the bar which has a sushi train constantly in motion.

As the train makes its way around each roll is more delectable looking then the next; piled high with crispy tempura bits or thinly sliced sashimi and topped with all different brightly colored sauces. However, I must warm you, even as cost-efficient as Sushi Xtra is, it is very easy to rack up a bill. With a happy hour special every weekend until 4PM – walk in ONLY.

I always end up with five or six plates in front of me, inevitably. Half price you can’t go wrong here! That being said, even the most expensive options at Sushi Xtra are still reasonably priced so never fear my sushi lovers on a budget!

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